Experts in Directed Evolution of RNA Aptamers and in the Engineering of RNA constructs

We Engineer Functional RNA Molecules for Applications In Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Life Sciences Research

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Velocity Sciences specializes in the directed evolution of RNA aptamers (high performance aptamers or HPAs) as well as the synthesis of any RNA molecule or construct for use in many applications, with a primary focus on therapeutics

  • Synthetic Capabilities

    Whether using enzymatic or chemical synthesis methods, Velocity can help you engineer and synthesize your RNA molecule including siRNA, microRNA, gRNA or whatever type of molecule you need for use in various applications

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  • Directed Evolution

    Velocity Science's modified RNA aptamers (HPAs) are created using fit for purpose directed evolution methods to give you a molecule that can bind to your specific target (small molecule, protein, peptide, etc.) within the requirements of your application, whether therapeutic, diagnostics or life science tools

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