Velocity Has Mastered the Engineering of Functional RNA Molecules​

Find out how our expertise in oligonucleotide synthesis and directed evolution of aptamers may help you in therapeutics, diagnostics, or research

  • Our custom modifications optimize for stability, payload release, PK/PD & toxicity

  • ​​We expanded beyond natural RNA diversity by deploying new methods for synthesizing RNA libraries containing chemically modified uridine to create more sensitive and specific high performance aptamers (HPAs)

  • We have performed thousands of directed evolution experiments using our modified libraries with customised protocols for achieving high target binding affinity & specificity. We can use additional methods to improve fit-for-purpose performance

  • We take any RNA molecule (HPA, RNA therapeutic) & further engineer/modify these to enhance performance in diverse applications

  • Through custom engineering, we can create RNA/DNA chimeric constructs, incorporate sequencing bar codes, amplification-priming sequences, imaging labels & more

  • We offer enzymatic synthesis support for candidate RNA screening programmes

  • We can attach a variety of small molecule or other payloads for targeted delivery