Oligo Synthesis For Advancing Therapeutics

High Quality RNA Synthesis & Engineering

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RNA-based therapeutics Are Succeeding, creating new demands for molecular synthesis & engineering:

  • Velocity Sciences can make long (>110mer) RNA-containing oligonucleotides using conjugation strategies

  • Velocity is an expert at synthesizing complex modified RNA constructs to provide stability, resistance to degradation, & longer half-lives for in-vivo applications

  • We have deep familiarity with engineering methods to create binders relevant for your target, application, & stability requirements

  • We partner with therapeutic companies to synthesize & evaluate many candidates & then introduce further efficacy-optimizing modifications with the ability to scale production at high quality

Chemical Synthesis & Conjugation:

  • Oligos from 30mer up to 110mers without chemical conjugation

  • 75+mer yields, especially with modifications, benefit from conjugation

  • Multiple candidates as multiple batches of 192 at 200 nmole-1 µmole

  • Larger volumes of fewer candidates (batches of 12) up to 150 µmole synthesis scale for 20-30mers, typically yielding several hundred milligrams

Library Screening integrated with enzymatic synthesis supports selection of novel candidates

We can engineer Using  conventional  and Custom RNA modifications

We engineer for better binding

  • We use base modifications in our HPAs to improve affinity and specificity. We have techniques for maturing sequences to improve their binding characteristics (affinity maturation)

  • LNA with methylene bridge

We engineer to client specifications

  • With conventional mods and custom requirements

  • Including client delivery and formulation enhancements, e.g.:

    • 2'Omethyl
    • 2'Fluoro
    • LNA
    • 2'MOE
    • Cholesterol
    • Cy3/Cy5, etc.
    • bTEG
    • Fluorescein
    • Conjugates
    • Phosphorothoiates

Our Analytical Methods Ensure the Quality of Your Product

UV Spectroscopy

• crude and final ODU measurement


• crude and final UV purity


• crude target MW confirmation