Velocity Sciences Provides the Universal Tool-Kit for Proteomics

Scaling to Thousands of New Capture Reagents a Year

Proprietary Core Technology

Covering the Next Generation in Molecular Recognition Technology

We have created an extensive IP portfolio including proprietary methods that cover the next generation in molecular recognition technology to target proteins, peptides, and small molecules. We have captured advances based upon decades of experience and incorporated them into a high-throughput production system. We are producing thousands of new target capture reagents a year, easily functionalized to work on multiple platforms and in many applications.

The Ultimate in Versatility

From decades of research and experience, Velocity has engineered novel modified RNA constructs (High-Performing Aptamers, “HPAs”) that afford increased shape and charge diversity over DNA, which leads to higher affinity/specificity in binding molecular targets, whether proteins, peptides or small molecules. The versatility of our HPAs allows us to work on many different detection platforms.

Exceptional Binders

These HPAs are highly selective and sensitive with structural and enzymatic stability. They can be functionalized with dyes, oligonucleotide barcodes, nanoparticles, and other reagents and deployed across different applications. This enables the use of HPAs for both revealing biological insights and translating those insights across platforms for further research or diagnostics.

Binders to any Target

Our proprietary in-vitro selection methods are optimized for stringency, higher affinity, and improved specificity, and have been refined over thousands of selections. Our use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and proprietary artificial intelligence enables us to identify unique candidates that can be designed for specific purposes (for example, targeting specific post-translational modifications or splice variants.)

Proprietary Molecules Make the Difference

Our novel nucleobase modifications provide enhanced success in finding multiple quality HPAs to given targets, often binding to multiple unique epitopes, enabling more specific targeting.

Scale to Meet Any Need

Our proprietary chemistries and methods have been reduced to repeatable practices and been automated, enabling us to scale the production of HPAs that can be easily functionalized for specific platforms and deployed in small plex or highly multiplex arrays.