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Over 100 Years Experience in Engineering Oligonucleotides (especially RNA) as Therapeutics and Life Science Tools

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Velocity Sciences is a life sciences company Enabling breakthrough Therapeutic solutions 

Founded 2014 

  • Our Founder was a key inventor of the modified oligonucleotides which were subsequently licensed to SomaLogic, enabling their proprietary SOMAmers
  • Alliance partnerships with Novartis, Elanco, Editas Medicine, Janssen, Systems Oncology,  iCarbonX, and others
  • Multiple collaborations for in vitro selection of modification-enhanced RNA aptamers (High Performance Aptamers, "HPAs"), RNA construct engineering & synthesis of therapeutic RNA molecules

Velocity uses its proprietary directed evolution processes to create highly specific and sensitive HPAs and combines that with its innovations in creating novel RNA constructs for delivering therapeutic payloads directly to the appropriate tissues.  Velocity also uses the same processes to create binders to peptides and proteins that are revelant biomarkers  and uses skill in assay development to create highly sensitive assays for a wide range of applications including intracellular proteomics, high-definition proteomics, and multiplexed biomarker detection from a variety of matrices including serum and tissue samples.

Velocity is highly skilled in the chemistry of RNA and customizing RNA for use in applications ranging from therapeutics (drugs and delivery tools for better targeting) to life science tools (spatial proteomics) and diagnostics. As a result, the technology of Velocity Sciences is enabling new tools for systems biology and personalized medicine. Velocity’s technology is the result of many years of research and innovation, which have led to multiple successful partnerships with leading therapeutics and diagnostics companies in the past decade.


Velocity Sciences, Headquarters, Boulder, Colorado