Applications Where High-Performing Aptamers Can Make a Difference

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Exploration of the Proteome Demands Innovation

Efficiently Generating Superior Capture Reagents for a Wide Range of Biomolecule Targets

Complete functional exploration of any proteome requires access to comprehensive sets of well-characterized affinity reagents that specifically bind to their respective target proteins with high affinities and in a variety of contexts (e.g., serum, tissues, on and inside of cells).

But the technical challenges are considerable: the proteome consists of multiple closely-related protein variants arising from alternative splicing and post-translational modifications (PTMs), yielding complexity orders of magnitude greater than that of the genome.

Existing antibodies only target a small fraction of the proteome and are difficult to reproduce. There is an urgent need for novel technologies that can efficiently generate reagents for the large number of unaddressed protein targets.

Explore Our High-Performance Aptamers Applications

  • Highly multiplexed protein detection

    Detect hundreds of molecular markers simultaneously with high specificity

  • Protein detection in sandwich formats or with MS detection

    HPAs conform to your detection platform of choice, either in sandwich formats or on beads with MS detection

  • Rapid and point-of-care diagnostics

    Port HPAs onto your lateral flow test

  • Therapeutic delivery to specific cells

    Create drug-HPA conjugates for specific cell targeting and internalization

  • Cell labeling and cell extraction

    Use HPA constructs as precision barcodes and handles for labeling, isolating, and identifying cells

  • Intracellular proteomics

    Deliver HPAs to cells for imaging, detection, and perturbation

  • Detection of PTMs and protein isoforms

    HPAs are discovered using proprietary in vitro selection methods that can be tuned to hit the desired target vs. unwanted targets with high similarities

  • Imaging

    View tissues with HPAs conjugated to imaging agents for in vivo imaging or histopathology


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