Applications Overview

Engineered Oligos Containing Highly Functional Molecules ​

Find out how Velocity  may help you in your therapeutic, diagnostic, or life science applications

The Velocity Platform

Applications Overview

High Performance Aptamers

  • DNA barcoded protein binders for multiplexed proteomics

  • Protein binders for targets un-addressable with antibodies

  • Protein-marker for imaging

  • New chemical entities (agonists/antagonists)

  • Therapeutic payload delivery agents

  • Protein binding reagents across multiple diagnostic & proteomic research platforms 

Custom Oligos

  • Therapeutics

    • siRNA
    • miRNA
    • gRNA

  • Custom Oligos

    • RNA Hexamers​
    • LNA Oligos​
    • DNA templates and probes
    • Vaccine Development

  • Mutagenesis

  • Reporter gene constructs​

  • In Vitro transcription