Diagnostics & Imaging

HPAs can be Designed to Your Requirements​

Find out how HPAs may help you in diagnostics, research, or therapeutics​

  • HPAs can be developed rapidly

    • 6-8 weeks from target to HPA candidate

  • They can be designed fit-for-purpose

    • HPAs can be easily functionalize for nearly any applications​

    • Capable of detecting/measuring proteins in their native state​
       and in creating pairs to different epitopes on the same target

    • Uniquely adaptable to a variety of molecular biology-based readout

  • HPAs are cost effective, always reproducible

    • Substantial competitive advantage in scale, cost, and predictable performance 

  • High affinity translates into increased analytical sensitivity and specificity​

  • Suitable for development of highly multiplexed assays​

HPAs Enable Assays on Many Detection Platforms​

  • Sandwich Immunoassays

  • Bead Arrays

  • Microarrays

  • PCR

  • Next-Generation Sequencing

  • Aptamer Histochemistry

  • Flow Cytometry

  • Mass Spec Enrichment/depletion

  • Single Cell Proteomics

  • In Situ, In Vivo Imaging