Velocity Sciences Press Releases

BOULDER, CO., October 19, 2015. Velocity Sciences Inc. announced a strategic collaboration with Nexusist LLC. to address new discoveries in the field of diagnostics. Nexusist will bring to Velocity companies that may be underperforming or lacking in key technology or strategy and Velocity will assist in evaluating the company’s strategy, technology or products and possibly conduct research or development projects to build out or improve upon such technology in the field of diagnostics.

“We are pleased to announce this new collaboration with Nexusist focused on diagnostic programs that may have been terminated due to lack of funding or due to lack of technical expertise,” said Bruce Eaton, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Velocity Sciences. “Nexusist has a solid track record of identifying companies with underperforming technology and then implementing the proper strategy to transform the companies into viable and successful entities.  In this collaboration Velocity brings leading edge technology and innovation to create stronger technology and together we will build stronger companies.”

“Having Velocity as a partner greatly broadens the scope of companies that Nexusist will consider as turnaround alternatives. We are delighted to have access to the diagnostic tools and innovative technology that Velocity brings to the table,” said Steve Stroud, President, Nexusist LLC.

About Nexusist

Nexusist LLC, headquarterd in Denver, Colorado, is focused on identifying potential partnering opportunities with underperforming assets or lacking in key technology. This business model has proven successful for Nexusist over the years with numerous profitable turnarounds.

About Velocity Sciences

Velocity Sciences Inc., based in Boulder, Colorado, is an early stage diagnostics company focused on developing innovative cost-effective diagnostic products to improve human health.  Velocity has collaborations with key strategic partners in the fields of human diagnostics, food safety and environmental monitoring.