Food Safety and Environmental

Food Safety and Environmental Diagnostics

Velocity Sciences understands the need for cost-effective diagnostic assays in a wide range of food safety and environmental applications. We have experience in rapidly developing diagnostic tests that are sensitive and specific. We build proprietary and non-proprietary technology to deliver custom assay solutions for our customers.

System Integration

Bringing together a new assay and new hardware system can be problematic at the interface between the two. We are experts in system design and assay integration, identifying risks and points of failure. We provide solutions to mitigate the issues for optimization of the assay-system interface for delivery of a solid, reliable performing platform. Those same capabilities are available to troubleshoot platforms suffering from hard to pinpoint and unreliable performance. We also have partnerships with engineering firms and work directly with them in defining specifications for platform design, adaptation, and development.

Microarray Development

We have expertise in microarray development, including optimization of non-fouling surface chemistries suitable for a variety of sample types, probe attachment, and custom microarray design and development on inexpensive glass slide, as well as other plastic and semiconductor surfaces. We provide custom arrays and can help our clients design microarray based assays for their unique applications.

Sample Prep

Scientists at Velocity Sciences have developed technologies that decrease the time from sample collection to result, increase the information content of pathogen assays, and are applicable to a range of sample matrices. We have developed stream-lined sample preparation methods, including methods for rapid sample concentration, and can provide customized sample preparation methods and system solutions. We have experience in reducing sample preparation time, dramatically reducing the time required for bacterial culture or enrichment. We work with partners to develop optimized sample prep solutions for PCR and other nucleic acid based tests that are highly sensitive and specific.

Food and Environmental Microbiology

As part of the development of our pathogen detection expertise and custom sample preparation capabilities, we have developed capabilities for the handling, growth and enrichment, concentration and isolation of target bacterial pathogens and indicator organisms in food and environmental samples. We have experience working with Salmonella, E. coli (STEC and Non-STEC), Campylobacter, Listeria and other pathogens found in the food production chain in our BSL-2 laboratory.

Quality System

Velocity maintains an internal Quality System which includes GMP documentation, SOP’s, data reporting, sample tracking, and sample archival. We are experienced in process/workflow design for reagent manufacturing and assay kit building. Velocity has undergone external audits and entered into Quality Agreements required by our customers. Our Quality System is flexible and can be tailored to meet our customer’s requirements.